The Summer School on Big data, Neuroscience and Law is open to scientists and non scientists.

Basic scientific information is provided, on Neuroscience and Big Data, for non scientists while basic law concepts are discussed for non-lawyers.

The core of the activity is devoted to the intersection between law, ethics, neuroscience and new technologies, in an integrative perspective.

The aim of the school is to provide accurate information about the increasingly advanced neuroscientific findings and Big Data techniques, and their impact on each other and on different legal systems.

The interaction of the three main topics and the debate about the role of science in shaping ethics and law has been influenced by their recent advancements. Therefore, special focus is given to how science and technology challenge law and its ability to evolve

University and continuing education Credits

The course provides 3 CFU for students of the UniPV Doctorate Program in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics.

Credits for Continuing Education have been requested to Pavia Order of Engineers.


Program at a Glance

DAY 1 – September 11

  • Morning – Introduction
  • Afternoon Parallel sessions: Big Data basics|Neuroscience basics|Law basics

DAY 2 – September 12

  • Morning – Big data methods, and Cognitive aspects in neuroscience
  • Afternoon – Use cases, hands on session,and Group Assignment

DAY 3 – September 13

  • Morning – Ethic aspects of Big Data and Neuroscience
  • Afternoon – Group assignment and visit to the city

DAY 4 – September 14

  • Morning – Big Data for the study of the Brain and AI
  • Afternoon – IBM The Watson Law hands-on session

DAY 5 – September 15

  • Morning – Critical appraisal and presentation of the group assignments
  • Afternoon – Wrap up and conclusions


Can I attend the School?

The course is designed for graduate (master-degree) students, PhD students and early-stage researchers enrolled in the faculties of Law, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering and social-political sciences, and correspondent professionals in an early stage of their careers.

Good English language fluency (at least B2 level) is mandatory.

Because of the interactive nature of the course, the number of participants is limited to 40.

The deadline for applications is July 20, 2017.

Answers will be sent by July 30, 2017

For all info and for applying, refer to the website of the University of Pavia

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