Carlotta Barinotti


Carlotta Barinotti is working on a cancer project in collaboration with AiMAC (Associazione Italiana Malati Oncologici) and ICS Maugeri (Pavia, Italy).

She obtained a research grant from the Department of Behavioral and Neuroscience (University of Pavia, Italy) to define the effects of motor rehabilitation on cognitive functions. The project will start on the March 2017 at “Casa di cura Villa Esperia SPA”.

She obtained her master degree in Psychology in 2015 at University of Pavia with a dissertation on the Effect of tDCS on bimanual coordination.After graduation she made an internship at Department of Behavioral and Neuroscience (University of Pavia, Italy).

During her internship she worked in the field of scientific research about attention whit tDCS and fMRI and she got skilled in the neuropsychological assessment of patients with demage from stroke and data analysis.

On September 2016 she attended “The EANL Law, Cognitive Neuroscience & New Technologies Summer School”.