Long-term memory guided-attention in healthy and pathological brain


It is increasingly recognised that contextual and associative long-term memory (LTM) interacts with visuo-spatial attention, exerting robust influence on perception and decision-making in a prospective and proactive manner (Bar, 2009; Chun & Johnson, 2011; Hutchinson & Turk- Browne, 2012; Nobre & Mesulam, 2014). Imaging studies suggested that medial temporal lobe structures, and specifically the hippocampal system, might contribute to LTM-based orienting of attention (Stokes et al., 2012; Summerfield et al., 2006), though their causal involvement remains to be tested by interference-based methods. In this project, we will use a novel experimental paradigm (Salvato et al., 2015; 2016) to investigate the nature of this mechanism in different populations of individuals, such as temporal lobe epilepsy patients and healthy subjects by means of transcanial direct current stimulation (tDCS). We are also exploring the influence of hypnosis on such mechanism.