Valeria Peviani


Valeria Peviani got started on cognitive neuroscience research as PhD student at the CFNNS lab (2016-2017, XXXII cycle) after having achieved a Master Degree in Psychology in 2015 (University of Pavia).

Her main research topics focus on body mental representations. She is interested for example in studying how we represent shape and metric aspects of our body segments, as well as how the sense of body ownership is built up at the neural level.

During her internship as a Psychologist at the Cognitive Neuropsychology Center of Niguarda Hospital (Milan) in 2016 she got skilled in neuropsychological testing techniques over the life-span, especially of patients with epilepsy. She studied the influence of ethnicity and bilingualism on neuropsychological assessment under a cross-cultural approach, aiming at improving the validity of the cognitive assessment of foreign-born patients. She is also working on the standardization and normalization of cognitive-screening tools for paediatric age.



  • Peviani, V., Scarpa, P., Toraldo, A., & Bottini, G. (2016). Accounting for ethnic-cultural and linguistic diversity in neuropsychological assessment of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy: A retrospective study.Epilepsy & Behavior64, 94-101.
  • Scarpa, P., Toraldo, A., Peviani, V., & Bottini, G. (2016). Let’s cut it short: Italian standardization of the MMSPE (Mini-Mental State Pediatric Examination), a brief cognitive screening tool for school-age children.Neurological Sciences, 1-6.