• Project Proton

    Project Proton

    Insights into recruitment in organised crime & terrorism PROTON project aims at improving existing knowledge on the processes of recruitment to organised crime and terrorist networks through an innovative integration between social and computational sciences. [...]
  • Project Maps

    Project Maps

    The Mental Acute Performance in Stroke (MAPS), integrates neuropsychological assessment for diverse functions, ranging from language to memory to praxis to visual perception. It is easy to administer and is able to provide the clinician with more information about the patient cognitive profile. [...]

News & Agenda

L’Intergrazione artistica multisensoriale: il connubio tra Musica, Psicologia e Design

21 maggio 2018, ore 15

Museo del Violino, Piazza Marconi – Cremona

Partecipazione straordinaria di Paolo Fresu