Cognitive and forensic neuropsychology lab

The Cognitive and forensic neuropsychology lab focuses on the studies of normal and pathological human complex  behaviors.

In this lab different neuropsychological tests and scales are available together with instruments used to  measure  neurophysiological indexes relevant to the studies of implicit and explicit component of complex  behaviors.

The lab has an interdisciplinary approach that favors and encourages research projects centered on the  interaction between neuroscience and other fields such as law and ethics.



Neuroscience and society lab

The Neuroscience and Society Lab introduces a new model of interaction between the academy and the professional world and a new way of thinking the role of science and scientists within the society.

It was founded in 2014 by Gabriella Bottini (Director, representative of Academia) and Daniela Ovadia (Co-Director, representative of the Civil society).

The Neuroscience and Society Lab is a multidisciplinary think-tank on the social impact of neuroscientific research and technological developments and, more in general, on the impact of science on society and citizens. Many fields, from economy to law, are rapidly changing under the influence of scientific discoveries and new technologies and need an interactive and mutidisciplinary approach to tackle possible issues.